A Loving Home: Josiah

A Loving Home

Josiah is an intelligent 9-year-old.

He’s tough on the gridiron, and mentally he’s an engineer.

And when it comes to this young man’s heart, it’s filled with his desire for family, a permanent, committed, loving home.

Kayla Harless has been working as Josiah’s social worker for a year.

“Josiah would definitely bring humor to a family, he enjoys sports, so he can be rather athletic, he enjoys playing games, he’s very loving and compassionate, ” says Harless.

Josiah is funny and charismatic.

“Josiah is very smart, he can make a-b honor roll if he wants to, he is above grade level, he reads, he loves to read, anything you put in front of him he can read, and he makes friends, very easily, he loves playing with other kids, and gets along with other kids for the most part,” explains Harless.

Josiah hopes to become an engineer when he gets older.

” Yes, he’s very mechanical he loves to put things together, take things apart, and figure out new ways to do things,” agrees Harless.

Josiah’s mastered the art of engineering, even being a brother, but he hasn’t had the chance of being a son.

“Josiah’s been without a family for a while, and he deserves to have a family that’s gonna care  about him and love him through the years, Josiah has not really had a stable family, he’s been moved from place to place, not all of it his own fault, but he deserves to have a family just like any other kid,” says Harless.

Harless also adds that Josiah would have to maintain contact with his siblings.

“Josiah’s sisters are very important to him, they are one of the few that can get him to laugh and cut up, so contact with his sisters is very important for Josiah , that is his one wish in life is to be able to be with them,  or to maintain contact with them forever.”

If you are interested in learning more on adopting Josiah you can call Children’s Home Society of North Carolina at 919-600-8757 or visit their website at www.CHSNC.org

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