(WNCT) “We struggle with infertility and I think it was a little easier for than it was for me, ” expressed Patrick Cardena.

Patrick Cardena and Siler

Patrick and Wendy Cardena have been together since 1999.

The couple learned that due to infertility, they were having difficulty in creating a family.

Infertility affects both men and women, and according to an article by UNC Fertility, 44% of individuals with infertility go on to see fertility treatment.

Couples like the Cardenas’ choose different options, like adoption.

Patrick and Wendy Cardena with Adrian, and Martin

They have experienced infertility, cancer, and the fear of not having a child to call their own.

But that all changed when Patrick and Wendy decided to look into adoption.

They began fostering two brothers, which led to final adoption.

It did not end there; the Cardenas’ family adopted another set of brothers, making them a family of six.

Martin, Siler, Adrian, and Anthony

And although it was an unexpected love and bond, it’s one the couple will never forget.

“I would absolutely do it all over again. A lot of people say to us all the time, I mean most of everybody that hears our story, says these boys are so fortunate, and I can’t believe what you do. You’re so great to do what you do, and I always stop and think, you know, it’s not us, it’s them, they changed our lives, they have done so much for us, truly, they brought us so much, they changed our lives. So it’s not really like we have done anything for them, without them, and without what they’ve done, our lives would be nothing…” said Wendy Cardena.

9 On Your Side’s Angie Quezada with Adrian and Siler

In the next few weeks, 9 On Your Side will bring you more on the Cardena family, and how they took that first step into adoption, the non-profit they started, and a very special judge who made it all possible.

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