GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT)- 9 On Your Side met a woman who was in search of her biological parents and answers about her own life.

Diane Van Natten- Gray is a wife, a mother of two, and a soon to be published author. But just three years ago, she took a leap of faith in discovering who she is.

“I was adopted at five days old, and my parents told me at about the age off five that I was adopted,” says Gray.

But as Gray grew older, she had more questions about her looks that differed from her adoptive family and questions about her biological mother.

Gray’s adoptive parents were a couple with successful careers. Her adopted sister had a similar upbringing.

“We lived a great life, and had everything imaginable that a girl could ever want,” expressed Gray.

Gray moved on to marriage, having two kids of her own, but then experienced life-changing losses.

“It just changed dramatically when my parents deceased. My father died 14 years ago, and my mother died 12 years ago,” says Gray.

Gray hoped her answers would come from science.

“I started doing a little research about DNA testing, and I just decided to go ahead and get a kit, which I did, ” explains Gray.

She sent off a DNA swab, and within 6 weeks her results came in. She learned more about her genetic background. She found out she was from England, Welch, and Ireland.

“The kit I chose had a lot of health information as well, which I thought was very crucial because I had no idea, and I have children, and grandchildren,” Gray says.

But there was no DNA match.

Gray then decided to take her search to social media. She joined Facebook groups that focused on DNA Detective groups. Withing several minutes of describing her journey, she got a response from a complete stranger.

“She said to me, ‘Hi my name is Cindy, I’m a research genealogist and I think I can help you,” Gray explains.

It was no charge at all, and Cindy became her search angel. But even with Cindy’s help, the search came with a long wait.

“It took her 4 and a half years to find information,” says Gray.

Then, one December, the phone rang.

“She called me two weeks before Christmas in 2018 and said I have found your mother and you have three sisters,” says Gray.

Was it Diane’s biological family? Did she finally get to meet them?