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Joshua’s 17 year’s old and comes from a really tough background. This young man needs a family, and despite his own needs, he’s always thinking about helping the other. 

When people are having a bad day, I change it to a good day. If someone doesn’t have anything, I give them some of my stuff, because man look, I didn’t have this when I was little, I didn’t have that. So I look at the kids, and I give them the best that I can, says Joshua.

Debbie Perez has been working with Joshua for almost three years. And she has witnessed his desire to help out with others.

I just want to be the perfect role model, adds Josh.

Although only 17, Joshua has wisdom beyond his years. He says it comes from trial and error.

I just learned from my mistakes, Joshua responds.

Joshua’s life hasn’t been easy, forced to live in a group home. But family is a priority for Joshua. 

Joshua will do best with a two-parent home, with a strong male figure in his life.

Josh needs a consistent family, who will be consistent with the rules, but that’s also going to allow him to have some freedom. Allow him to have contact with his birth family, his brother, in particular, is adopted in another family, so he really needs to have that contact, and maintain that contact with his brother, that’s important to him, explains Perez.

Joshua loves sports and would do well with an active family. And a family with patience.

You don’t know it, I probably have a lot of love, it’s just hard for me to express it, says Joshua.

If you are interested in learning more on adopting Joshua you can call Children’s Home Society of North Carolina at 919-600-8757 or visit their website at www.CHSNC.org

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