GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Whenever you get hungry, you ask yourself “To dine in, or dine out?”

Dining out has become the easier option as it offers convenience, a way to socialize and a break from cooking meals. But a few more questions to ponder are, how have behaviors changed when it comes to dining-out habits? How often do Americans dine out? What is the motive for consumers to choose their favorite restaurants over a home-cooked meal?

A recent survey by US Foods conducted a sample of over 1,000 Americans and gained helpful insights into their dining preferences, favorite restaurant types, ordering habits, tipping practices and more.

Americans’ choices for where they go out to eat reflect a shift towards casual convenience. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans have stuck to takeout or delivery habits, with the number of takeout and delivery orders surpassing dine-ins. On average, Americans are deciding to order takeout or delivery over four times a month, compared to going out to eat three times a month.

Not all prefer just going for the food. Some feel that the atmosphere and the experience is the true reason for going out.

Tipping culture has grown in today’s society, but America is still divided on the decision. Many have stuck with the belief that 15% is a standard tip, but a new set of Americans are bringing it up to 20%.

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