MAYSVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – With the baby formula shortage across the country, parents are struggling to find what they need on the shelves. One woman in Maysville is hoping to make a difference for families.

Tracy Terrell is the owner of the Baby Bin, a thrift store boutique in Maysville. She’s created a baby formula pantry to help mothers who are unsure when they’ll get their next can.

“I think that’s part of the scary thing,” said Terrell. “When a mom goes to that Walmart shelf that’s always stocked, and you see it’s three-quarters empty. That’s scary.”

(Claire Curry, WNCT photo)

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Terrell got the idea for the “pay what you can” pantry after helping moms in need of supplies following Hurricane Florence. Any money that is made from the pantry, goes back in to purchase more formulas. Terrell said that she has traveled across the state picking up a few formulas that mothers were in need of because in Maysville there’s only one grocery store.

“I have had people tell me that they’re driving six hours, they’re driving to Virginia, they’re driving to other states. But here in Maysville, there’s really nothing,” said Terrell.

Terrell said it’s great that more supply is being imported, but is concerned about the cost with it being in such high demand, as well as people hoarding it from others.

“It sounds like a lot of formula,” said Terrell. “But when you figure out how many bottles a baby takes every day, and how many babies are in this country that need that formula. I’m scared for what’s coming.”

Right now, her pantry is one can per child in the hopes of helping as many people as she can. Terrell added that if any mothers have any unopened cans of formula they’re not in need of, they can donate them to the pantry.