RALEIGH, N.C -This year, the North Carolina State Fair will run from Thursday, October 13th through Sunday, October 23rd. Hundreds of thousands of people will make their way to the fairgrounds this year for food, rides and local vendor deals.

The BBB of Eastern North Carolina (BBB) is warning consumers to shop wisely while at the fair. 

BBB President and CEO Mallory Wojciechowski says, “The fair can be a crowded place, so be mindful before you pull out your wallet. Don’t let a busy vendor pressure you into making a purchase. And make sure you know the businesses you are buying from.”

It’s important to remember that your day-to-day purchasing rules still apply when you’re shopping at the fair. Although we certainly want to support the businesses at the state fair, it’s important to always be mindful of who we’re purchasing from and their business practices.  

Check business reviews on our website on your phone before you purchase from them at the fair, or come back to the business later, after looking them up. 

Before you make a payment, get the company’s refund and exchange policy in writing and ask about guarantees or warranties. If the company has a physical location, get their location and telephone number as well.  You want to be able to contact the company in case you have a problem with the product after the state fair ends.

If you feel pressured to buy, don’t give in. Pressure tactics can be hard to overcome, but it’s okay to walk away if you need time to think. This can be one of the first signs someone is trying to make a quick buck. And watch out for fake tickets online or being sold in person.

Be mindful of the Federal Trade Commission’s “cooling off rule,” which would typically allow customers 3 days to cancel a purchase. But not everything bought at the state fair falls underneath that rule, including:

  • Purchases under $25
  • Goods services or those primarily intended for personal, family or household purposes
  • Insurance, insecurities or real estate
  • Motor vehicles
  • Arts and crafts

For more information, you can trust, visit BBB.org