GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – With the age of streaming platforms has cable television become a thing of the past? According to a survey conducted by they found out that people still want cable and streaming services. conducted a survey and asked 1,000 of their readers their thoughts. They found that in the cable versus streaming wars, customers seem to still want both.  

According to their survey, more than two-thirds (70.4%) of respondents have some type of cable or satellite TV package.  

Astonishingly several cord-cutting (72.97%) respondents did cut their TV services off more than a year ago. And within the last year (15.54%) have cut off their television services. The main reason many said they cut the services is that it is too expensive.  

The next-highest number of respondents (15.88%) cited “other” as their reason for cutting the cord, followed by “unsatisfactory bundle savings” (7.43%) and “contracts” (2.7%). According to the survey, they can only speculate the “other” reasons why respondents cut off their TV services.

Of those surveyed, 80% claimed to save more than $30 a month by cutting the cord, 77.13% of survey respondents bundle cable TV with internet and or phone service.  

“Cable TV isn’t going anywhere, but it’s being forced to change since live TV streaming services offer a simpler, more flexible, and satisfying TV experience for the same price as most cable packages,” said Randy Harward, staff writer.

So, although the survey found that many people have both cable and streaming TV subscriptions, they are seeing cable TV providers offer to stream through mobile apps, move from physical to cloud DVRs and even deliver channels via streaming instead of through traditional cables.