Some gas stations across Pitt County still waiting for fuel deliveries

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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack has been resolved but not the issue regarding availability of gas at stations across Eastern North Carolina.

“I went on 5th Street, no gas. I’ve been on Fire Tower Road, no gas. I’ve been on Railroad Street and Winterville, no gas. I’ve been to Handi-Mart and no gas,” said Amelia Pledger.

Pledger traveled to five different gas stations throughout Pitt County on Monday just to find gas, with no luck. She’s a mother of eight and said the gas shortage makes it hard take her kids to school and perform everyday tasks.

“It’s hard to transport them back and forth and I have a fear of COVID putting them on the bus because my children have been sick with COVID before,” she said.

Pledger said what she was seeing at the pump, people stealing gas and hoarding gas is unacceptable.

“While they were fighting, another man came up got the gas and ran away. That’s how serious it’s getting to be. They’re putting gas in things that aren’t safe like milk jugs,” she said.

While some are hoarding gas, others are just trying to make it last like Tony Cook, a local delivery driver.

“I had to make one gas tank last about three days during eight hours of delivery driving, which is a little bit scary because when you drive around and see bags over every gas pump it’s a little nerve-racking because this is how I make my money while I’m going to college,” Cook said.

The Shell gas station on Charles Boulevard in Greenville put up signs Sunday saying they were out of gas. Cashier Dallas Gayner said they’re taking a hard hit because when people can’t get gas, they won’t come inside to buy other items.

“We’re just hoping to get different grades of gas because a lot of people don’t want 87. They want 97, 93 so if we don’t have 87, that turns away a lot of people. Only pumps three and four, the only thing we have is diesel,” said Gayner.

Gayner said they normally get one to two trucks a day to deliver gas. Right now, they don’t know when they’ll receive their next delivery. He said it depends on how far those truck drivers have to drive to the gas and bring it to local gas stations in the area.

In a recent tweet, Colonial Pipe said they’re delivering millions of gallons per hour to the markets they serve.

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