GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – It’s hot, hot, hot outside!

Not only can hot weather conditions be tough on us, but it can also one tough on our cars That’s why local car experts from Komplete Auto Repair and Body Shop give their advice on what to do if your car overheats from high temperatures.

“Hot conditions expose a bad battery and what happens is the heat makes the battery expand and then the connection is not as good as it should be and the car fails to start. And it can cause an alternator failure or the car can shut off while you’re going down the road because the heat has exposed this bad battery and it’s not getting the proper boost that it should,” said Haseem Everett, owner of Komplete Auto Repair and Body Shop.

Experts also say the heat can cause your engine to overheat due to water evaporating. They say if this happens, the best place to take your car is to a local repair shop.