GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — We’re less than one week away from Black Friday. If you’re shopping, you might be paying more attention to your holiday budgets.

Holiday shopping can be stressful. On top of figuring out what to get someone, you also have to account for the cost. This holiday season, we found some new creative gift ideas and some tips to avoid breaking the bank.    

Connor Kasten, a professor of finance and insurance at East Carolina University, said simple things like setting a budget can go a long way. Erica Sanberg, a consumer finance expert for also offers tips like Artifical Intelligience as a gift.

Another way to avoid those long receipts is to make a gift yourself like an ornament with decorations, or a small craft they might enjoy. It cuts back on costs and makes some time for you to spend together with your family or friends while you make them.

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