(WJW) – Grimmway Farms has voluntarily recalled some retail-packaged carrots due to possible salmonella contamination.

The recall is for certain packages of Bunny Luv Organic Cut and Peeled Baby Carrots, Bunny Luv Organic Premium Petite Carrots, Cal-Organic Petite Carrots, Grimmway Farms Shredded Carrots, O Organics Peeled Baby-Cut Carrots and O Organics Baby Rainbow Carrots.

“The recall was initiated as a result of a routine, internal company test, said Grimmway Farms President and CEO Jeff Huckaby. “The health of our customers and the integrity of our products are our highest priorities, and we will continue to monitor and communicate as additional information is available.”

The following carrot products are affected by the recall:

Grimmway Farms packaged carrots recall
Courtesy: FDA

There have been no reported illnesses to date.

The company also recalled certain shredded carrots and chopped carrots that were sold to food manufacturers and foodservice distributors.

Anyone who has one of these recalled products should throw them away. For more information, call 1-800-301-3101 or visit Grimmway Farms’ website.