MATTHEWS, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — High prices are the pump are pushing some to go to desperate measures to fill their tanks.

Law enforcement agencies across the country are reporting a rise in gas theft.

“Pulling out all of the stops, not stop,” Ryan Rutten said while filling his tank in Charlotte. “I mean it makes sense, 20%-30% increase in price, people are definitely struggling in this economy I think any way they can make additional money or save cash, they are willing to do.”

In Atlanta, police arrested a man accused of drilling holes in several cars to steal has directly from the tank.  

In High Point, South Carolina, the owner of Bizzy Bee said criminals used a device to disable pumps and steal about 400 gallons of gas.

“I mean anytime we see a national story like that, we know it is going to affect us at some point locally,” Matthews Police Department Public Information Officer Tim Aycock said.

Aycock says the department has not received any reports of gas theft and is warning residents about how not to become a target.

“Evaluate your lighting, where your car is parked at night, or even during the day at your home,” Officer Aycock said. “Fraudsters, they are always trying to recreate their method of operation.  So, we have to try to stay a step ahead the best we can. Unfortunately, they have creative ways of doing it until we can catch up and see what is happening.”