RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Price gouging and vehicles were in the top five list of consumer complaints in 2021, according to the North Carolina Attorney General.

Robocalls/telemarketers combined for the top spot were also the most reported scams for the year in the top 10 list news release from Attorney General Josh Stein Tuesday.

Other scams in the top five included utilities and credit.

In 2021, the North Carolina Department of Justice received 28,043 consumer complaints, the news release said.

Telemarketers/robocalls nearly had more complaints than all the other categories combined in the top 10.

“Robocallers continue to be a daily nuisance and a threat to our hard-earned money,” Stein said in the news release. “I know how frustrating it is to get these calls and texts all the time.”

Price gouging was a major topic in the North Carolina Department of Justice annual report. Two key cases highlighted involved gas prices, in which one gas station hiked prices to $9.99 per gallon for premium in May, the annual report said.

In the department’s annual report, data breaches set a new record and continued to be a major problem. In 2021, the department received 2,008 notices of data breaches that impacted 2,369,438
North Carolina consumers, officials said.

Here is the top 10 list of complaint categories for 2021, officials said.

1) Telemarketing/robocalls – 10,011 complaints
2) Utilities – 1,949 complaints
3) Credit – 1,648 complaints
4) Motor vehicles – 1,363 complaints
5) Price gouging – 1,353 complaints
6) Elder fraud – 1,068 complaints
7) Landlord-tenant – 1,028 complaints
8) Home improvement – 861 complaints
9) Insurance – 616 complaints
10) Professional services – 605 complaints