With nearly 24 million subscribers, Greenville YouTuber MrBeast is known for posting entertaining videos online.

Some even call him the king of YouTube.

Many people know him for giving away large amounts of money but scammers are trying to take advantage of his popularity— targeting his fans.

“I made a comment on one of his videos actually about five minutes later I received an instant message,” said Patrick Coffey, a MrBeast fan.

More than 10 people have spoken out on Facebook, saying several accounts are impersonating MrBeast pretending to give away $10,000 and asking for personal information.

“They said I had won $10,000 and should give them my information,” Coffey said.

Coffey said the message didn’t feel right to him so he decided not to give the scammers his information.

MrBeast released a statement on his Facebook page saying he nor his team will never comment, private message, or send you a friend request asking you to claim a gift, prize. These are all scams.

Joseph Martin, President/CEO of Carolina IT group said this sounds like scammers are targeting his fans.

“Some of these social media apps, once you click like or share somethings they actually have some permissions inside that will give you access to their friends and kind of perpetuate the scam,” Martin said.

The Greenville Police Department has not received an official complaint of this scam.

Martin encourages Facebook users to make sure the company or profile is legit before giving away your information.

“A lot of times we call this clickbait. People just saying ‘hey we’ll give you all this money just register here.’ Typically like anything else if it sounds too good to be true it probably is and if you’re unsure try to contact the actual company or person and see if it is legit,” said Martin.

If the scammer approaches you online, MrBeast asks that you report the page to Facebook.