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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Calling all coffee lovers! If you believe that java is only good for drinking, you may have just been doing it wrong.

Coffee has many benefits. Meet Nora Tobin, a coffee connoisseur who is a performance enhancement and executive coach, nutrition specialist and CEO of Nora’s Naturals.

Her company has developed and scaled immersive retreats, keynotes, senior leadership summits, global campaigns and executive coaching. She has been featured in many publications such as CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, Forbes and other media outlets.

In a coffee and conversation with the specialist, she shared how you can upgrade your overall well-being and the many uses of coffee grounds, especially when it comes to your aging skin.

Nora and her team are just getting started but to learn more about how Nora is changing the world of coffee you can follow her Instagram @noratobin and support her business


So, tell me a little bit about your background story and what led you to your industry?

Of course, yes, I originally got into the industry because I was trying to make it as a professional beach volleyball player. So, I was far from it but I was lucky enough to be training at a facility. I was cleaning the gym in exchange for training to essentially learn from the professionals there and learn how to not only work out for myself but how to train and provide nutrition guidance to professional athletes. So that was kinda my forehand into the wellness world and then from there, I was able to start really grassroots with the small programs and then build to the global programs with hotel companies. I partnered with Marriott when they bought Starwood, so I was able to partner with them as their wellness ambassador and then worked with a lot of senior leadership teams over the years for their own corporate well-being.

What kind of athletes did you work with?

You know, that was actually when I just first started, and I was at a facility where they were training and the NFL, NBA and a variety of athletes, and I was essentially just interning, learning how to train those types of athletes, and then from there, I’ve since moved on from working with athletes but yeah, mostly with corporate individuals or business professionals.

So do you have any coffee beauty secrets for people that are struggling with acne?

That scrub that I actually just mentioned works great for your face as well. So if you do the coffee grounds, a little bit of coconut oil and then you can put in a little bit of brown sugar or you can also skip the sugar but it’s got a kind of a nice deeper scrub, but that’s supposed to help stimulate collagen in your face and it also helps reduce that risk of blemishes.

What makes your coffee different from other brands?

It brings that seasonality. I think there’s a lot of great single-origin organic coffees out there and we are those things as well. But, the fact that it comes from … we source from all different places around the world within their growing season so it’s as fresh as possible and it’s really having, you know, a big impact on the environment that it’s grown in.

Norah, you have a platform called coffee & conversation. What’s that all about?

“That’s where I interview top leaders from different fields over coffee. It’s all about coffee most of the time and get to enjoy coffee together. But, it’s been a great series because it’s essentially uncovering their strategies for their performance, for their stress relievers, for deep sleep, for enhanced focus, and it’s been a chance to share their strategies with viewers and customers.”

For someone who stays active like yourself, what are some strategies to ensure you thrive in a busy work week?

Number one is to move so it doesn’t have to be any specific type of exercise because you can do what makes you happy. I think there are so many workouts out there that you shouldn’t do one. That’s not enjoyable, but no, that just 10 minutes a day can make such a difference on your metabolism and your fat burning and just overall energy.

Number two would be to incorporate intermittent fasting even just a couple of days a week, so shortening the window you eat to an eight-hour period. In that 16 hours you’re not eating, which is, you know, you can still drink coffee, fortunately, and tea but in that hours you’re not eating, your body goes into rapid cellular clean-up mode, so it’s gonna be burning fat much more efficiently and increasing cellular turnover.

Then finally, I think there’s a lot of great tips out there but the easiest upgrade, and I reference this in our coffee, because its actually upgrading your coffee to one that comes from a single origin. So, you know, there’s a lot of just like food, there’s a lot of different fillers in coffee, there’s toxins, mold, so just wanna be more aware of where the coffee is coming from and where the beans are sourced because that’s going to be in your system every day. So that’s a really quick way to upgrade your overall well-being.

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