HIGH POINT (WGHP) – A Guilford County judge raised the bond for two men charged with shooting a pregnant woman to $1 million.

A prosecutor said 19-year-old Jeremiah Williamson and 19-year-old Deontre Horne shot at a 36-year-old victim who was five months pregnant. 

They were both charged with attempted first-degree murder.

“Just over an hour of trauma training was able to save both her and her baby’s life,” the prosecutor said. 

He said the victim was shot five times in different parts of her body. It included her upper left arm, stomach below her rib cage, left thigh and two times in her left leg.

The victim’s family was present in the courtroom as the two men charged in the case went in front of the judge over a video monitor. 

At times they wiped away tears when the injuries were read.

According to High Point police, a car crash at South Main Street and West Market Center Drive led to Williamson and Horne firing shots at the victim’s SUV in a parking lot Monday night.

Investigators found at least eight bullet holes in the vehicle. 

Williamson’s sister and girlfriend showed up to the court to support him. 

His sister told the judge the teenager was on the right track, employed and enrolled in online school. 

“He really didn’t have a good life. And when we did take him in, and they first started dating, he started doing a lot better,” said Williamson’s sister. “He stayed out of trouble, and he never went back to where he was, and he didn’t do a lot of the stuff he used to do as a kid.” 

If convicted, the two men could be sentenced to life in prison without parole. 

FOX8 tried to get an update on the victim’s condition, but the family did not want to provide one.