GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Four people have been charged in connection to human trafficking and prostitution in Guilford County, according to documents.

Warrants show that Mario Munoz-Sierra, Maria Blanca Zepeda, Emilio Zepeda-Cordova and Hector Ulises Lopez-Sanchez are all facing charges related to promoting prostitution or human trafficking after being taken into custody by the Greensboro Police Department on Tuesday.

Mario Munoz-Sierra, Maria Blanca Zepeda, and Emilio Zepeda-Cordova are each charged with one count of human trafficking (adult victim), promoting prostitution, conspiracy and misdemeanor aiding and abetting. They were each given a $1 million bond.

Lopez-Sanchez was charged with promoting prostitution, conspiracy, and misdemeanor aiding and abetting and given a bond of $200,000.

The warrants state that the suspects “limited the means of communication, travel and means of escape while conducting an illegal prostitution ring” and posted advertisements online for prostitution, receiving money for it, and alleging that they conspired to promote the prostitution of “many female victims from the prostitution organization.”

“We do see human trafficking happening in every neighborhood across the United States, so if you think it’s not happening where you live, unfortunately, you’re most likely wrong,” Brianna Racchini, who works with Triad Ladder of Hope, said during an interview earlier this month.

Racchini said that there are signs you can look out for to spot human trafficking, such as unexplained injuries or changes in behavior. Traffickers often brand their victims, so they might have tattoos of bar codes, gang signs or money symbols.

If you feel you’re a victim or know of human trafficking taking place, call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 or text “BE FREE” to 233-733.