CARY, N.C. (WNCN) — A 15-year-old student of Green Hope High School physically assaulted a teacher on campus last week, prompting a statement to all parents of the school from Principal Alison Cleveland, police said.

It was around lunchtime on Sept. 8 when the student assaulted a teacher, causing injuries, Cleveland told parents. The student involved is a 15-year-old, according to Cary police.

Attention was drawn to the assault online when a video was shared on Twitter along with a claim that the teacher had their jaw broken by the student. Cary police have refuted this, however, saying “I can tell you that his jaw was not broken as a result of the incident.”

Students were participating in what’s called SMART lunch and the teacher struck by a student was supervising. SMART lunch is a time dedicated to eating half the time and using the other half for seeking extra help from teachers or participating in activities like tutoring or club meetings.

Cleveland said the teacher is recovering from the injuries and has returned to school since the assault.

As for the behavior itself, the principal called it “unacceptable” and that it “does not align with the high standards we hold for all of our Green Hope Falcons.”

“While federal privacy laws limit the information I am able to share, please know that the student was disciplined in accordance with WCPSS policies. And of course we will continue to take every measure to ensure the safety of all students and staff members,” Cleveland said.