LEXINGTON, N.C. (WNCT) — It’s been over 10 years since Nancy Grubert-Harvey was murdered, and the killer has not yet been found.

Nancy’s last day on Earth was somewhat of an exciting one. Her daughter-in-law was expecting to give birth any day and this would be Nancy’s second grandchild from her. Her son Jay Grubert and daughter-in-law Amie had their first child, Daci Grubert, 12 years earlier.

Nancy was described by her loved ones as fair, selfless and kind. She owned and operated a used auto shop, Atlanta Car Company, but did not adhere to the stereotypical “used car salesman” persona.

I would say a used car dealer, especially a ‘buy here, pay here’ type of organization, they have a pretty bad rap as con artists and cheats. She was not that,” Grubert told Nexstar’s WGHP. “She was the type of person that allowed people to get behind on their payments and allowed them to flex. As long as you do what you tell me you’re going to do, we will work with you.

Nancy had been running Atlanta Car Company by herself for 10 years, after her husband passed away. This would be where Nancy took her last breath. One of Nancy’s employees went into their shift on the morning of January 25, 2013, and found her dead.

According to the autopsy report, Nancy had been beaten, with her legs ziptied and covered in bleach. Bleach was also found poured around the shop. The autopsy revealed that she died of asphyxiation.

The store was robbed, but police never released what exactly had been taken. The information on the stolen goods and the 911 call from the employee have been sealed by the court. However, a fuzzy CCTV picture depicting three men dressed in tactical gear striding towards Nancy’s shop was released along with a video.

Amie and Jay Grubert knew they had to tell their daughter, Daci, that her grandmother was murdered.

“I will never forget that day that it happened,” said Daci. “It’s just been a roller coaster ever since.”

Seven years after Nancy’s untimely death, her son and daughter in law run Atlanta Car Company. in Nancy’s memory.

“The theory behind it was always, as long as it’s open, people are driving by it, and they’ll say ‘that’s that place,’ and then at least her name would hopefully still be out there in somebody’s mind,” Jay said. “It was never a business where any of us wanted to be.”

Information was used from uncovered.com and myfox8.com.

If you know anything about the murder of Nancy Harvey, please contact the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office at (336) 242-1900.