NEW BERN, N.C. (WNCT) — The Craven County Sheriff’s Office is alerting residents of a phone scam going around involving people saying they are deputies seeking payment for missed jury duty.

On Saturday, Lt. Mike Sawyer with the Craven County Sheriff’s Office issued this notice:

The Craven County Sheriff’s Office has received multiple calls reporting a man identifying himself as a deputy from the Craven County Sheriff’s Office is threatening citizens with arrest for missing jury duty.

The caller claims the individual has a warrant for arrest as a result of missing jury duty. The caller knew the correct name of the individual, but no other identifying information. Normally, scammers attempt to extort money in the form of reloadable money cards or iTunes gift cards. If you are called do not give out any personal information about the person the scammer is asking for.

The Sheriff’s Office does not solicit the payment of fines or fees over the phone. Area residents are advised to treat any unsolicited caller who requests payment with skepticism, regardless of who the caller claims to represent. Those who receive such calls are urged not to give any money to the caller.

On Friday, Maj. David McFadyen with the sheriff’s office issued this notice in an email to Craven County citizens:

“The Craven Sheriff’s Office has received reports of telephone calls to Craven County citizens by persons representing themselves as Deputies requesting payment for missed jury duty or other court-related matters. The scammers often use the names of real law enforcement officers and spoofed phone numbers.  These calls are scams.

“No Deputy or law enforcement officer will contact a citizen by telephone demanding payment. Never agree to pay anyone representing themselves as a Deputy or Officer over the telephone.

If you receive a call demanding payment hang up and call the Sheriff’s Office at 252 636 6620. Also, be aware that these scammers will usually make similar calls in surrounding counties. Always contact your local law enforcement agency if you receive such a call.