NEW BERN, N.C. (WNCT) — The Craven County Sheriff’s Office is cracking down again on crime in the community. On Wednesday, officials held a press conference to announce the arrest of dozens of people on drug-related charges.

Sheriff Chip Hughes and District Attorney Scott Thomas made the message clear at the press conference, don’t come to Craven County to conduct any criminal activity. He said for the past several months, Craven County deputies and other units have been concentrating on citizen complaints of the sale and use of illegal drugs.

As a result of these investigations, 36 people have been arrested and charged with 57 felonies, which include drug trafficking, possession with intent to sell, possession of drugs and possession of 22 guns by a convicted felon.

“These charges result from the seizure of heroin, fentanyl, methamphetamine and cocaine as well as 22 firearms that were taken off the streets of Craven County,” Hughes said. “Heroin often mixed with fentanyl continues to be a significant issue which is responsible for most of our overdoses in this county as well as across the state.”

Hughes also said they are committed to helping those who abuse drugs and want help. He added their detention facility is partnering with community resources for treatment services for those who are jailed and after their release as well.

“With these programs, we’re able to get them out at a fraction of the cost housed them, get them the medical attention that they need, have their mental health needs met, any addictions that they might have, getting answers for them and a path moving forward,” Hughes said.