CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — A Charlotte bakery owner is fed up with repeated thefts from his business.

He captured several incidents on camera, including the latest one Tuesday, where the theft at Swirl happened while employees were working at the bakery, right under their noses.

Swirl is a build-your-own-cupcake kind of place.

“We’re the Chipotle of sweets; you walk in, you get to choose your cupcake, your frosting, and your toppings,” said Curtis Stone, Swirl’s owner.

One man helped himself to more than just cupcakes.

The owner says he snatched about two bucks from the tip jar and then spent almost two and a half minutes trying to pry open the cash register with a pair of scissors.

The money grab happened in the middle of Tuesday, while the store was open without the workers knowing.

“We had mixers going; we had ovens going. It was loud, and it was easy to miss,” said Stone.

The workers were busy in the back. The man ran away when a FedEx driver stopped by.

“We find it pretty frustrating. We feel we’re a little bit helpless. We don’t have much backup in the way of formal security,” said Stone.

Stone says the man has hit them several other times, in view of workers and customers.

“I do worry about my neighbors and my neighboring businesses,” said Greg Deese, owner of Oakhurst Pharmacy, which is several doors down from Swirl.

Deese hopes these are just isolated incidents.

“I’ve been here alone many hours myself and never really felt threatened at all,” said Deese.

Stone says they make sure everyone knows they’re being watched, and he urges workers to protect themselves.

“I tell them every day if somebody comes in and tries to steal something, let them go. We can deal with it afterward. Your safety is more important,” said Stone.