CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) — Two terrifying surveillance video clips exclusively obtained by CBS 17 show the moments before police say 28-year-old Dustin Oakley stole a car with a little girl inside.

It’s key pieces of evidence from Monday night’s Amber Alert in Chapel Hill.

The good news is that Arielle Williams is safe.

But now, investigators are piecing together what happened.

It took about six minutes for one family’s world to turn upside down.

At 8:15 p.m. on Monday night, surveillance video from the Twisted Noodle on East Franklin Street, captured a man who authorities have identified as Oakley, walking inside and asking for money.

An employee told CBS17 he told her that he had a stomach wound and tried to lift up his shirt to show her, before she told him she had no cash to provide him with.

Oakley appearing in court Tuesday via video.

Minutes later, cameras from inside of a Jersey Mike’s next door shows Kendretta Pierre walking inside to pick up a to-go order, with two of her children.

“We didn’t have it ready for her,” said Tanija Tinnen, who was on-shift when the incident occurred.

“The five-year-old [Arielle Williams] was asleep in the vehicle. Mrs. Pierre had not wanted to wake her, just to run inside to grab food. So, she left her sleeping in the car,” described an Orange County Assistant District Attorney in court Tuesday afternoon.

Tinnen was making Pierre’s order.

While the family waited, surveillance video captures a man, who officials identified as Oakley, walking back and forth outside of the sandwich shop.

About six minutes after Pierre walked in, Oakley jumped into her vehicle and drove off with Williams asleep inside.

“She quickly came back and said somebody was stealing her car and her baby was inside. And she just told us to call the police. We called the police for her,” explained Tinnen.

An Amber Alert went out for Williams about an hour and a half after Oakley drove off with her.

But investigators were already en route to find her.

“They were able to track from Ms. Pierre’s cell phone, which was in the vehicle still to a convenience store located on 751,” said Orange County officials. “Officers respond to that location. As soon as they had it, they found Ms. Pierre’s cell phone discarded in a trash can.”

Officers looked at surveillance video and saw that Williams was still in the car with Oakley. Investigators watched what he did next.

“The individual, this being Mr. Oakley, got out of the vehicle and walked around to all four doors of the vehicle, making sure that they were locked. He went inside the store, came back out and was seen opening the rear doors, engaging the child lock on both rear doors, which prohibited the five-year-old from even being able to escape if she had tried,” court officials detailed.

They said he then left the area.

Two hours after Williams went missing, Lillington police received help from someone who called 911.

“[The caller] reported that a guy that he knew just tried to sell him a Dodge Durango, which he thought was suspicious,” officials said. “Law enforcement found the vehicle, the five-year-old, and the keys to the vehicle inside the vehicle parked at the Sheetz, seemingly abandoned.”

Officials said the caller dialed 911 again to alert investigators that Oakley was hiding behind a dumpster at the McDonald’s next door to the Sheetz.

Oakley has multiple prior convictions.

Most recently there are several pending charges out of Wake County, including “carrying a concealed gun and possession of drug paraphernalia, trafficking in opioids, possession with intent sell a delivery scheduled to specifically fentanyl, selling a counterfeit controlled substance,” detailed court officials.

The judge ordered Oakley to remain in jail under a $500,000 bond.

His next court date is scheduled for May 15.