HOLLYWOOD HILLS, Calif. (KTLA) — A Hollywood Hills, California, man says he was home watching TV Sunday night when five people broke into his home and began rummaging through his belongings.

The man said his dog barked around 11:15 p.m. but he initially thought there was just a raccoon or wild animal walking across the roof of his home.

After remembering he had left a bedroom door unlocked, the man went to check his security cameras and saw a man with a hood in his garage.

A 911 operator told the homeowner to get into a bathroom and asked if he was safe.

The victim said he told the operator, “I guess I’m safe … This is a small house. These guys can come right in.”

Eventually, the homeowner peeked out of the bathroom to see if police had arrived. He said he thinks the suspects saw him and decided to leave the property.

“I was panicking, so I leaned my head out the bathroom, which looks out [to] the living room, which if they were coming through there, they would have saw me,” he said.

When he later watched more surveillance video, the homeowner said he saw five people “racing out” of the house.

They were described as young men, but all of their faces were covered. Police have not provided any official descriptions or said how many intruders they were searching for.

The homeowner said he thinks they used a screwdriver to gain access to the garage. He said the suspects also managed to get into a guest bedroom and got away with some items, although he’s not sure exactly what was taken.

“I saw one guy in one of the videos carrying something. I couldn’t tell what it was,” the homeowner said.

The homeowner was not injured but said he was shaken by the incident.

“I was scared …Bad enough you see one person. When I saw five,” he said.

The homeowner said the suspects were even taking pictures of themselves while going through his house.

The intruders were gone by the time police arrived. Police suggested he add more lights and motion sensors around the property.

The homeowner said he will take their advice but that he is still rattled by the experience.

“I can’t sleep. My house is lit up like a Christmas tree now because I’m just freaked out,” he said.