GOLDSBORO, N.C. — On Aug. 29, 2023, at approximately 9 a.m., officers with the Goldsboro Police Department’s Investigative Services Bureau and agents from the NC Division of Alcohol Law Enforcement served a search warrant at 1108 Day Circle for the illegal sales of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal narcotics.

The search warrant stems from surveillance and investigations conducted at the apartment. During the search of 1108 Day Circle, the following items were located and seized as evidence: 14 bottles of liquor, four packs of Styrofoam cups, Game Diamond cigars, HD cigars, Black and Mild cigars, Triple Vanilla cigars, box of assorted cigars, digital scale, plastic baggie with marijuana inside, and THC Gummies in a mylar packaging.

As a result of the operation conducted the following person was charged with two counts of the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages with no ABC Permits.


Demond Robinson


1108 Day Circle

Goldsboro, NC