WAXHAW, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Deputies are interviewing witnesses and evaluating potential charges after a man brought a gun to a school in Union County.

It happened at an i9 youth soccer league game at Marvin Elementary Saturday morning.

Union County deputies say two parents attended the game.

“The child that was being exchanged from parent to parent in this instance was one of the soccer players; it was in the parking lot area; it wasn’t on the field or anything like that,” Lieutenant James Maye with Union County Sheriff’s Office said.

Lt. Maye says the exchange got heated, and the child’s father had a gun that fell in the parking lot.

Multiple deputies swarmed the school, but the suspect left the scene.

“In this case, it was very concerning because you have a large gathering where parents and children are enjoying their Saturday at a soccer game when this individual decides to engage in this confrontation while being in possession of a firearm,” Lt. Maye said.

Though no injuries were reported, North Carolina law states it’s a felony to bring a gun on school grounds. Maye says the man could face more charges too.

“In a situation like this where emotions are already high, people are already upset, and a firearm falls to the ground, thankfully, none of the children were there to pick it up,” Lt. Maye said. “It was recovered and taken away from the scene, but, like I said, in that moment, you never know.”

Deputies are working on identifying the suspect and continuing to collect witness statements.

If you were at the Marvin Elementary soccer game and saw the altercation, call Union County Sheriff’s Office at 704-283-3789.