Man pleads guilty to second-degree murder in 2018 shooting death of woman in Jacksonville

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Jamie Weaks (Provided by District Attorney Ernie Lee’s office)

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — A man who killed a woman when he fired three shots into a room at the Budget Inn in Jacksonville back in 2018 pled guilty to second-degree murder on Friday.

Jamie Weaks pled guilty in Onslow Superior Court. He received a minimum of 22 years in prison (264 months) and a maximum of 27.5 years (329 months).

Officials said the incident happened on July 31, 2018. Weaks fired a 9 mm gun three times into Room 103 at the Budget Inn, located at the intersection of U.S. Hwy. 17 and Gum Branch Road. Felecia Parker, who was in the room at the time, was hit three times and died from her injuries.

Authorities said Weaks went into the hotel room looking for Enoch Parker, who had cheated Weaks’ sister in a drug deal earlier in the day. Law enforcement officials said Weaks knocked on the door and when Parker would not open it, he fired his gun into the room.

Below is a summary of the case and Friday’s legal proceedings from District Attorney Ernie Lee’s office.


Jamie Weaks pled guilty to second degree murder in Onslow Superior Court on March 5, 2021 and defendant received a minimum of 264 months and a maximum of 329 months in the NC Department of Adult Correction.  The prosecutor was Chief Assistant District Attorney Michael Maultsby and the defendant was represented by Walter H. Paramore, III.  The presiding judge was Charles H. Henry of Jacksonville.  The case was investigated by the Jacksonville Police Department.  Below is a summary of the facts of the case:

At approximately 3 p.m. on July 31, 2018 the defendant fired a 9 mm handgun three times into Room 103 of the Budget Inn in Jacksonville, NC.  The sole occupant, Felecia Parker, was shot three times and died from one of the gunshot wounds.  The defendant went to the hotel room looking for Enoch Parker who had cheated defendant’s sister in a drug deal earlier in the day.  The defendant knocked on the door and when Ms. Parker would not open the door, the defendant fired into the hotel room.

The Budget Innis located at the intersection of US 17 and Gum Branch Road.  Dan Oravits who was working nearby, heard the gunshots and responded to the situation.  He saw the defendant standing outside the room and it appeared the defendant’s gun had jammed.  Mr. Oravits screamed at the defendant who then ran towards the intersection of 17 & Gum Branch.  The victim came out of the hotel room and fell to the ground.  Mr. Oravits applied pressure to her wound until relieved by first responders about six minutes later.  

The victim was transported to Onslow Memorial Hospital.  The police determined that Room 103 was registered to the victim.  Her drivers license was found in the room.  There was video surveillance at the hotel which showed the shooting.  The video documented the following events

14:57:45 (14:57:45) – the male reappears, walking along the sidewalk toward room 103. Once at room 103, the male is seen standing outside. The male backs away from the door pointing an object at the room. The male begins to fumble with the object in his hand, walking on the sidewalk and then into the PVA.

14:59:27 (14:59:27) – The male then points the object back at the room while running around the left side of the motel.

15:01:42  – A female exits room 103 and falls onto the sidewalk.

(15:02:45) – first male runs around left side of motel and comes up to female (appears to be trying to render aid).

Several officers went to the hospital while the victim was being treated.  Several of the victim’s family members were there including Enoch Parker.  Parker told the officers that earlier in the day he purchased illicit pills for Christin Trent, who is the defendant’s sister.  Apparently, Ms. Trent was ripped off.  After Christin Trent complained to him, he tried to call the dealer.  Christin was waiting for the defendant to call the dealer in front of Room 103 at the hotel.  The victim yelled at Christin to leave the area.  Christin said her brother would shoot him if he did not get the money back. 

The police conducted computer-based research on Christin Trent and determined her address.   There was a Buick car seen on the hotel video during the time of the confrontation between Chirstin Trent.  The registered owner of the Buick lived at the same address as Christin Trent.  The police picked her up and took her to the station to be interviewed.

  • JPD Interviewed Christen Trent
    • On the day of the murder she contacted Enoch Parker via FB.
    • She picked him up at BK on Gum Branch Road between 12 & 1 p.m.
    • Drove him to New River and gave him $260.  Joshua was also in the car.
    • Dropped Enoch off in New River.  Afterwards drove around and picked him up. 
    • She determined that she was only given 18 pills instead of 20 and pills were fake.
    • Dropped Enoch off at hotel where her sister was staying. 
    • She waited for Enoch to make call to get her money back.
    • Female came out of hotel yelling at Christen.
    • Her boyfriend told her to leave, which she did. 
    • She called her brother (the defendant) and told him what happened.  She wanted the defendant to go with her to see Enoch.
    • She met her brother at a gas station.
    • Christen rode with the defendant and his girlfriend to Enoch Parker’s residence.  He was not there.  Then, they went to the hotel – they went around back.
    • The defendant was dropped off and his girlfriend parked across the street at the BK.
    • There were two or three shots.  Defendant ran to the car.  Girlfriend said let him in.
    • Defendant said the reason he fired was because “she” would not open the door.
  • The gun was subsequently recovered by law enforcement officers in Indiana.  The NC Crime lab confirmed that the shell casings at the scene were fired from the firearm recovered from the home of Dotlich’s mother. 
  • The victim passed away at 17:52.  Dr. Almeida performed the autopsy.  Victim suffered from a GSW to her neck, shoulder and right thigh.  She also had abrasions that could have come from glass and/or a fall.  The cause of death was from a gunshot wound to neck which caused her to bleed to death.

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