CHARLOTTE (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Two suspects were arrested following an incident involving a large bike group near Camp North End this weekend, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police said Monday.

Officers say they have been responding to calls regarding bike groups weaving in and out of traffic and playing chicken with motorists. On Sunday a large group was observed near Camp North End where multiple arrests were made involving numerous traffic violations.

22-year-old Richard Flood and a 15-year-old were both arrested and face charges including reckless driving. Four citations were issued and four bicycles and one dirt bike were seized, police said. This was the second time the teen was arrested in the last two weeks and Flood has a previous charge that includes striking a pedestrian with his dirt bike causing a serious brain injury, police said.

5 arrested, bikes seized from bicycle group riding ‘recklessly

CMPD began putting more of an emphasis on cracking down on these bike groups back in April when they responded to an alleged shooting that involved kids on bicycles. The victim was shot in the spine and will likely be paralyzed, the department said.

Charlotte bicycle gang victim likely paralyzed for life, police say

Credit: CMPD

Later that month CMPD arrested four juveniles who they say pointed a realistic-looking airsoft gun at a motorist.

Then in March, four more juveniles were arrested after a victim reported an assault and their car being stolen.