GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — The sound of gunshots startled a Greensboro mother out of her sleep.

The victim says more than 30 bullets were fired into her Greensboro home sometime after midnight on Wednesday. Bullet holes were found on the walls in almost every room.

She asked FOX8 to protect her identity while the police search for who is responsible.

“It was just so fast,” the victim said.

She says she’s been living in the home for almost four years, and nothing like this has ever happened.

“I don’t bother nobody. I don’t expect nobody to bother me. And for somebody to come and shoot up my house…my home could have been mistaken for another house.” she said.

The victim says she was in bed sleeping with her 9-year-old son when the gunshots started.

“One went right over our head. He was like ‘what is that?’ I said ‘I don’t know. Just lay down’ and was like ‘OK, mommy. I love you’…and I said ‘I love you too. Just lay down,'” she said.

No one in the home was hurt, but now she’s searching for a new place to live.

“Something has to be done because…we could have been two dead bodies in there,” she said.