VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A man already facing charges in connection to a Sunday road rage incident in Newport News is facing additional charges for a separate incident on Interstate 264 about an hour later the same day.

Eugene Timothy Trujillo (Photo – Newport News City Jail)

Eugene Timothy Trujillo, 58, of Newport News, who had previously been charged in connection to the incident in Newport News, faces an additional charge of brandishing a firearm, Virginia State Police said. He continues to be held at the Newport News City Jail without bond.

Virginia State Police said a man traveling on I-264 in Virginia Beach around 11:27 a.m. Sunday reported that a man driving an orange Camaro had pointed a gun at him. State Police issued a be-on-the-lookout alert for the car, along with the vehicle’s tag number, which the victim had provided.

The man was able to describe the driver, the vehicle and tag number for it, and State Police said they were able to quickly identify the suspect and find the victim.

The victim of the incident in Virginia Beach was able to positively identify Trujillo as the suspect, and warrants were taken out for his arrest, State Police said.

In the first incident, which unfolded around 10:40 a.m., the victim was trying to merge onto I-64 eastbound in Newport News, when she was involved in an exchange with the driver of another vehicle, later identified as Trujillo, merging at the same time.

The victim, Tishawna Banks, began recording on her phone and captured the moment when the driver of the other vehicle, an orange 2011 Camaro, pulled up beside her and pointed a gun in her direction. He did not fire the weapon and there were no injuries reported.

Banks told 10 On Your Side she had been heading to work and was getting onto I-64 from Oyster Point in Newport News on her way to Hampton.

“He was in front of me and there was a car slower in front of him,” Banks said. “That was what was really upsetting him.”

She said she was trying to get around a slower car and that “he didn’t like that I got over. He made it seem as if he was going to run me off the road.”

She said she saw Trujillo coming up behind her, and, upset, flipped him the bird.

She said after he brake-checked her several times, she weaved in traffic to create distance, and then started recording with her phone.

“That’s when he had the gun pointed right at me,” Banks said. “So, as soon as I saw the gun, my body immediately went into shock and I started shaking.”