GRIMESLAND, N.C. (WNCT) — The Pitt County Sheriff’s Office said Monday night it has completed its investigation into the shooting death of a man in January.

Brandon Hardy, 38, was shot and killed on Jan. 1 in Grimesland. Some controversy has been created from people in the community regarding the investigation into Hardy’s death. On Jan. 18, community members gathered for a rally demanding answers in the investigation.

Monday night, in a press release, the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office said it had completed its investigation and would approach the District Attorney’s office to see what steps should be taken next.

The statement from the sheriff’s office read, “The investigation was an objective and systematic fact-finding process.  At the conclusion of the process all information discovered, to include statements, text messages, any video evidence, forensic evidence, and more was compiled into a comprehensive report that was submitted to the District Attorney’s Office on Tuesday, January 18, 2022. 

“Having passed along the facts as gathered, our office is now waiting, along with the general public, to see what decisions the District Attorney’s Office will make regarding whether prosecution is or is not appropriate in this matter.

“Like so many other tragic incidents that have occurred in the county, we know that this has been a complex case filled with emotion and pain for so many.  While our office doesn’t have the authority to prosecute cases, determine guilt, or set bonds or sentences, please know that we perform the role of fact finder in cases like these in the most solemn and respectful ways possible.  We owe this to every victim and every survivor.