CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Wrong and pointless.

That’s how some business employees, owners, and residents describe a senseless act that happened to their storefronts overnight.

“There’s no reason for that,” said Vestique Boutique stylist Olivia Taraboi. “Stealing things is wrong. Damaging property is wrong. It’s going to cost all these businesses a lot of money. Pointless and terrible.”

Someone smashed the storefronts of at least seven shops along East Blvd overnight, but those we spoke to say nothing was taken.

“I think our first thought was, ‘was anything stolen?’ I mean, we have so much great clothes in here!” Taraboi said, “but then it kind of came forward that it was just a smashed window, and nothing was taken.”

The vandal or vandals hit a clothing shop, a gourmet grocery store, FedEx, a restaurant, and cleaners.

“There really is no pattern to who they were kind of smashing windows at,” Taraboi said.

Residents walking by couldn’t help but notice the boarded-up windows and shattered glass on the ground.

“I’d be really frustrated if I showed up and my window was smashed,” said Scott Azaroff. “Silver lining is nothing was taken. That’s good to hear, but it’s still something you have to deal with.”

The owners are counting their blessings, but the question of who and why is still on their minds.

“Someone was trying to make a statement about something. Or just angry,” said Mike Bondur.

One business employee told Queen City News their security camera captured their window getting smashed but did not get a clear image of the suspect(s) face.