KINSTON, NC (WNCT) — Officials are still searching for answers in the rash of shootings that have happened in Kinston. Police hope to bring closure to all the people involved.

Kinston police say the shooting on Herbert Drive was a domestic violence incident and an arrest has been made. As for the West Vernon Avenue shooting, Keith Goyette, interim police chief, said that a fight took place.

“Gunshots dispersed in the area and two people were actually shot, not life-threatening. That case is still open,” he said.

At the Nobles Stadium Drive incident, a man was shot and killed.

“Within hours, we identified a suspect who had arrest warrants and he was at printed the following day in Georgia. He was fleeing, trying to get away,” said Goyette.

Lastly, police are still searching for two unknown suspects at this time in relation to the North Independence Street shooting.

“Shootings are up, or homicides are up … and we’re working with less officers than we were this time last year,” Goyette said. “So we’re, we’re diligently working and we’re asking the community to help us out if they see something, contact the police department if they know something,” Goyette said.

Many in the area have concerns about the growing crime rates. Bill Carraway, a Kinston resident, has called Kinston home for 50 years and said the violence has only gotten worse.

“There weren’t no drugs, stuff like that, like there are now. That’s the main thing I think,” Carraway said. “It’s gangs and stuff like that. I mean, you know, the average person doesn’t go out here shooting somebody for no reason,” said Carraway.

Kinston police say they are working hard to make sure people feel safe and that every officer will be working the upcoming Kinston Christmas parade on Dec. 3.