LYMAN, S.C. (WSPA)- On Friday night, in a matter of minutes, Patrick Lowery’s instincts kicked in.

“You know it felt good because at this point, at least I saw the same person who was on that camera and I saw him in the neighbor’s vehicle and I got the plate,” said Lowery.

His case is one of many car break-ins that police are investigating in a Lyman neighborhood.

“I love Lyman but I want to feel safe here and I don’t want to have to worry about my stuff getting stolen,” said Lowery.

For months this Lyman community has been exchanging home security footage and stories of their accounts with the same group breaking into their cars.

While many lock their vehicles, it doesn’t stop the group from consistently spending nights hopping from property to property and checking every door.

“Our house is lit at night and there’s a lot of landscape lighting and so forth,” said Lowery. “They don’t care, they don’t care at all.”

Lowery said along with footage and the license plate number of the same car being used, he’s also collected other forms of evidence. After recently installing new cameras to try and get a better picture of faces, he’s hoping for a change.

“I’d like to be able to live in a community where we don’t have to worry about people inside of our community or people outside of the community stealing from each other,” said Lowery.

If you have any information about this case or you see something firsthand, police are asking you to report it.