ROXBORO, N.C. (WNCN) — Person County deputies continue to search for a key piece of evidence in a horrible crash and murder that took two lives on Monday.

A driver was shot dead after hitting and killing a teenager walking along the roadway.

The alleged shooter, Chad Woods, is set to face a judge Wednesday morning.

While he sits in jail, his family is mourning their 17-year-old son, Chad Woods Jr. 

Another family is now also grieving the loss of the driver, who was trying to call 911 after the crash.

For two days now, Person County investigators and the Durham County dive team have been searching for clues on Dink Ashley Road, about seven miles south of Roxboro.

“I looked up toward my dad’s house and it was red flashing lights,” said Ron Rogers, who lives nearby. “I knew it wasn’t just an ordinary wreck, there was something else going on.”

Rogers soon learned what happened, near his home, around 6 a.m. on Monday.

Investigators say Woods Jr. and his dad, Chad Woods, were walking in the middle of road after they ran out of gas. They were headed to their home nearby.

Deputies told CBS 17 Jeffrey McKay, a Department of Corrections employee, hit the teenager with his state-owned vehicle.

He then dialed 9-1-1 for help.

That’s when investigators said Woods took out a gun, shot and killed McKay, and drove off in his truck.

“Why would somebody do something like that? But especially when somebody [is] stopping to come and turn around, coming back to help you. Grief is a funny thing,” said Rogers.  

Woods is now charged with second-degree murder and theft of a motor vehicle.

Deputies are still searching for the gun.

Crews spent hours on Monday and Tuesday searching a nearby pond and grassy area for the weapon. 

About 10 minutes away, at the Palace Pointe, employees are grieving. 

“We consider them as family. You know, so they become one of us,” said Hezekiah Evans, one of the managers.

He told CBS 17 the Woods men worked at the family fun center until recently. 

“They were always, always together,” Evans explained. “It’s very tragic for the families, for both families.”

There will be a vigil at Palace Pointe for Chad Woods Jr. at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday.

CBS 17 did reach out to both families on Tuesday, and understandably, both asked for privacy during this difficult time.