MOREHEAD CITY, N.C. (WNCT) — Two people who were facing charges in the death of an infant made their first court appearance on Monday.

On Friday, warrants were served for arrest for Mellony C. Mciver, 20, and Zackery L. Phelps, 26, both of Morehead City. Mciver was charged with Second Degree Murder and Phelps with Second Degree Murder Without Regard. Both were given $1 million bonds and were held in custody.

District Attorney Scott Thomas told WNCT’s Claire Curry according to the warrant for arrest, MCiver and Phelps killed a 6 1/2-week-old infant, with malice to wit by committing inherently dangerous acts or omissions, done in such a reckless and wantoning manner as to manifest a mind utterly without regard for human life and social duty. 

He also said, based off their investigation and evidence collected, the death was not due to any natural causes or any sort of trauma to the infant, which gives reason for them to believe the death was due to drugs. Thomas believes that the only way a 6 1/2-week-old infant could ingest drugs would be through the mother’s breast milk.

Thomas said the date of the offense was July 7. An autopsy has been completed and officials are waiting for a toxicology report to confirm the cause of death.

“As District Attorney, I will certainly do everything within my power to be sure that we have the evidence and that is presented in court and that this case is prosecuted to the fullest, based on what we can do, based on the law and the evidence,” Thomas said Monday.

Thomas urges members of the community that know an infant or child is in a household with drugs present to report it to law enforcement and or the Department of Social Services.He said reporting this kind of behavior could save the life of a child.