EDENTON, N.C. — On July 25, the Edenton Police Department received an anonymous tip from a citizen who indicated that convenience stores in Edenton and Chowan County were selling “Twisted Tea” alcoholic beverages to minors. 

After receiving this information, the EPD and the North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement Agency (ALE) developed the operation “Don’t Get It Twisted.” to investigate the anonymous tips.

During the operation, the EPD and ALE conducted undercover purchases from several convenience stores, grocery stores, restaurants, and bars to ensure these establishments were not selling alcohol to underage customers within the Town of Edenton.   

The operation was conducted during the first two weeks of August and identified two locations in town that violated NCGS 18B-302(a)(1) (Sell a malt beverage to anyone less than 21- years- old). 

On August 09, the EPD and ALE responded to Frogs Crossing on Virginia Rd and served two criminal summonses on employee Zakarya Esmail Qaid Al Kabsh of Edenton for selling a malt beverage to underage customers. Al Kabsh has a court date scheduled for October 24, in Chowan District Court. 

On August 10, the EPD and ALE responded to the Dollar General Store on North Broad St. and served one criminal summons on employee Beverly Lazette Ferebee of Edenton for one count of selling a malt beverage to an underage customer. Ferebee also has a court date set for October 24, in Chowan District Court. 

EPD has contacted the North Carolina ABC Commission, which will conduct a separate investigation for both Frog’s Crossings and Dollar General Store on North Broad St. and may issue a fine or suspend the alcohol licenses of the establishments.   

During the operation, both EPD and ALE identified several other stores in town that did an outstanding job in complying with state laws by verifying identifications before selling alcoholic beverages. 

We will work diligently to ensure merchants are conducting business responsibly and we will not tolerate the sale of alcohol to anyone under the age of 21. 

The EPD encourages citizens to continue to report illegal activity through See Something Say Something tips. 

If you are an establishment that sells alcohol and would like to receive training to ensure your employees are compliant with state law, contact the NC Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission at 919-779-0700.