GOLDSBORO, N.C. (WNCN) – An attorney was killed in a shooting on Monday when police found two people dead from gunfire in a Goldsboro law office.

The shooting happened at the Riddle & Brantley Law Firm in the 600 block of North Spence Avenue, according to a previous statement from police.

On Tuesday, Goldsboro police said Patrick White, 42, was killed during this shooting and the suspect, 46-year-old Francisco Sanchez, was also killed in the shooting.

“I don’t know how to process,” Gene Riddle, a managing partner at the firm told CBS 17 Tuesday afternoon.

Riddle described the day that led up to the shooting, saying that no argument took place.

The shooter and his wife, who were a couple of White’s clients, had gotten to the office around 9:30 a.m. for mediation, Riddle said. No signs of anything negative were seen through the afternoon, a lunch was even ordered for both the clients and attorneys.

A little after 4:08 p.m. is when Riddle said the clients had achieved offers and met goals set previously that day. Riddle said at that time he looked to the shooter and said something to the effect of wanting to get more money and to let him do his thing.

The shooter and his wife, who Riddle said are bilingual, then spoke briefly in Spanish and asked for a private moment.

White, Riddle and a mediator then left the two in the room and went approximately 15-20 feet away from the couple in the attorney quarters, according to Riddle.

At that time, there was talk of the success of the case and Riddle said there was still no indication of any animosity or issues.

As Riddle described, he saw a figure coming toward the attorney quarters and heard a loud gunshot and glass breaking. At the time of the first shot, White was closer to the shooter, but Riddle said the shooter took aim at him, firing the gun twice.

“There was no way I wouldn’t get shot. But I didn’t,” Riddle said. Instead, he remembers dodging, tripping and falling backward toward his office.

Then the shooter turned his attention to White, Riddle said.

“I want to share the heroic actions of Mr. White,” Riddle said. As he recounts, White yelled at the shooter to stop, yelling his name and again asking him to stop before pushing him up against the wall.

Attorney Patrick White, 42. (Photo courtesy Riddle & Brantley Law Firm)

At that time, Riddle said a shot went off and did not hit White, but a second shot caused him to fall to the ground. Riddle said he believes about five more shots rang out.

“He was saving us,” Riddle said.

The shooter then went to the lobby/reception area of the law office at which point Riddle said he yelled at the gunman to leave. Riddle also ran to find his daughter, who also works at the firm but wasn’t in the building at the time of the shooting.

One more loud gunshot rang out and Riddle said he came back to the reception area to find the gunman on the floor.

When speaking about White, Riddle said he “sacrificed himself.”

“Patrick was saving us,” he added. “He was family.”

CBS 17 also spoke with James Crearer, who works at a gas station across the street from the firm. He recalled the moments he heard the sirens and saw police coming to the scene.

“We saw [police] coming from both directions; I heard the sirens,” Crearer said. “At first, I didn’t know what was going on, but I knew it was something that was intense because I saw the cops when they came out of the cars–they had their guns out already.”

Others, who spoke with CBS 17 off-camera, shared how traumatizing this is and that they were not able to sleep last night after what happened.