SEVIER COUNTY, TN (WSPA/WATE) – A suspect in the fatal shooting of a Boiling Springs woman at a Gatlinburg rental cabin over the weekend told Tennessee deputies that he shot her several times during an argument, according to a warrant released by Sevier County, TN deputies Tuesday.

The man and woman were in a relationship according to the suspect.

Deputies found the body of Shelby Lynn Booth in the rental cabin. 21-year-old Julian Angel Popoca was detained at the scene and later charged with second-degree murder.

As we previously reported, The Sevier County, TN Sheriff’s Office dispatched deputies to the scene around 1 p.m. on May 7. After detaining Popoca, deputies entered the house and found Booth, “deceased from several gunshots.”

“A weapon was found in the holster in the bedroom beside the bed on the nightstand,” the arrest warrant states. “Four shell casings were collected and one projectile was also found that matched the caliber of the firearm in the bedroom.”

Deputies wrote in the warrant that Popoca gave a statement in which, “he admitted shooting his girlfriend in the house” while they were in a “verbal altercation.”

Popoca admitted to owning the weapon, according to the written narrative in the warrant.