Wayne County deputies warn of phone scam using spoofed number from sheriff’s office

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The Wanye County Sheriff’s Office is warning about phone scammers, who appear to be calling from the Sheriff’s Office, who tell victims they’re wanted, and they can avoid arrest by purchasing gift or debit cards for the scammer.

Investigators say the scammer “spoofs” the call, making the victim’s Caller ID show a legitimate number at the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office. The scammer claims he is Wayne Co. Sheriff’s Capt. Brogden, and that the victim has outstanding arrest warrants for failure to comply with Federal Jury Duty.

The scammer then tells the victim they can avoid being arrested if they pay a secured bond or fine upfront, by purchasing pre-paid debit or gift cards of a specific value and giving the scammers the confidential numbers on the back of each card.

The scammers then spend the gift or debit cards, and the victim’s money is gone.

If the victims don’t comply, the scammer asks for their email address and sends them documents, that appear to be from the United State District Court, to indicate the violation of federal law allegedly committed by the victim and the amount of bond that the victim allegedly owes.

The victims are then told they are being tracked by cell phone, and any failure to follow instructions will result in their arrest.

Wayne County Sheriff Larry Pierce says no legitimate law enforcement officer or agency will ever ask a citizen to obtain prepaid debit/gift cards to avoid an arrest. If you receive a call such as this, hang up, then call the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office to report the scam at 919-731-1480 or 919-731-1481.

Wayne County citizens can also call either of those numbers to verify whether there is an outstanding warrant or other legal document that needs to be served on them.

If there is, you will be told to either wait for a law enforcement officer to meet you in person, to meet the law enforcement officer at the Magistrate’s Office, or to visit the Sheriff’s Office yourself.

Another phone scam spreading around Wayne County involves Jamaican scammers claiming the victim has won the lottery.

The scammers ask the victim to obtain either a money order, or pre-paid debit or gift cards, to pay the “up-front taxes” on their lottery winnings, and then ask the victim to give them the confidential numbers on the back of each card.

The victims spend the cards or money order, and the victim’s money is gone.


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