UPDATE: Trailers in Chocowinity to be condemned; GoFundMe set up to help families

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UPDATE: Chief Building Inspector Brandon Hayes with Beaufort County Building Inspections says the town of Chocowinity has condemned two trailers on Barnes Drive in Chocowinity.

A third trailer will be condemned once they get the permit to do so.

Hayes says they will send a certified letter to the owner/landlord to set a date for a hearing. Once they have a hearing, they will decide if the owner/landlord wants to fix the trailers or if he wants to have them removed. From there, he has either 60 days to do the work or the families living there have 60 days to find another place to live before they .

Right now, they’re dealing with holes in the floor, bugs, mold, and the bathroom not working, among other things in these trailers.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help the families living in these trailers, you can access it here.


PREVIOUS: A group of people in Beaufort County called 9 On Your Side concerned about their living future.

They say they were told they were going to be evicted from their homes.

The controversy involves 4 or 5 trailers in a mobile home park on Barnes Drive in Chocowinity.

These people admit, these trailers need a lot of work, but they say —- they have no place else to go.

Kerry Lupton calls one of the trailers in Chocowinity home.

He says he’s put a lot of work into it.

Kerry said, “There’s so many holes in there and I’m running out of plywood to put over them.”

That’s the reality for several other families in this mobile home park off Barnes Drive.

They’re dealing with holes in the floor, bugs, mold, and the bathroom not working, among other things.

Kerry said. “I was working in the bathroom, and {my neighbors} Taffy and Terry came in and said stop working, we’re being evicted, they said the trailers are being locked and I said ‘I got no place to go’.”

So, they reached out to WNCT.  

They say they were told by the health department that they were being kicked out, but for now, that’s not the case.

We reached out to the Beaufort County Health Department, they said we needed to speak to Chief building inspector Brandon Hayes with Beaufort County Building Inspections.

Hayes said he received a complaint from the town that the trailers were breaking the town ordinance.

He says his team has to go look at them to determine if they need to be condemned or not but he says he hasn’t done that yet.

Kerry said he’s 75 years old and he’s lucky to still be able to fix the place up himself but he wishes he didn’t have to.

We also spoke to the landlord, he says as far as he knows, no one is being evicted.

He says he’s been working on getting the trailers fixed.

He didn’t mention Kerry, but he did say he’s got a few other people who aren’t paying rent and that’s why he’s not in a hurry to get the repairs made.

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