GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — ECU Health is taking part in a program with the goal of eliminating complications for women after childbirth.

Officials said in order to help new mothers, they’ll be part of a Maternal Mortality Review Committee. This will allow them to review health complications in women six months to a year after they give birth.

Dr. James Devente, the medical director of obstetrics at ECU Health, said once a maternal death case is reviewed, recommendations will be made at the state level to target initiatives to address things that are either preventable or predictable.

“Each patient, mother that’s passed away, her case is reviewed by a multidisciplinary team involving not just physicians but also nurses and social workers,” Devente said. “A lot of deaths aren’t medical. There’s cases when a patient is murdered six weeks after a delivery or six months after a delivery. That’s a maternal death.”

Devente also said sometimes when a woman who had just given birth and is having medical problems,
pregnancy isn’t looked at as a factor for that medical problem.

“If you have a headache and blurry vision, and the doctor isn’t talking to you, the nurse is describing headaches and blurry vision and he’s trying to figure out is this a migraine, and neither one thinks that pregnancy is a part of that,” Devente said.

Jessica Noble, a perinatal nurse champion at ECU Health, said they want to remind physicians and medical personnel that a woman has just given birth by giving all new mothers bracelets that say ‘I gave birth.’

“We chose to be a part of this program to help eliminate maternal mortality and, of course, that’s a long journey, but this is the beginning of that journey and helping bring awareness to those things that oftentimes emergency medical personnel may not be aware of, so having this medical alert bracelet on our birthing mothers allows them to have that awareness,” Noble said.