NEW BERN (WNCT) – It’s Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and an event held Thursday in New Bern helped educate the public about the disease. 

Numbers by the American Cancer Society show that 1 in 8 men will get prostate cancer in their lifetime.  Organizers hope to save lives by raising awareness. 

“I am a prostate cancer survivor. I was diagnosed at the age of 42. I am 59 years old. I am cancer free since the age of 42,” said Victor Taylor, chairman of the Prostate Cancer Support Group of Craven County.

Local doctors advocate for screening on Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Taylor wants people to understand that early detection is key. 

“It’s important that you get tested early in advance so you can continue to survive. Cancer is not a death sentence. You just need to do your screening at a proper time,” said Taylor.  

Congressman Greg Murphy was also a speaker at the event. He’s a practicing urologist who has dealt with prostate cancer patients for over 30 years.  

“Getting PSA tests regularly, getting prostate checks regularly, that if you catch cancer in early stage, we know this for all types of cancer that it becomes a much more curable stage,” said Murphy. 

According to the CDC, some symptoms of prostate cancer include difficulty urinating and pain in the hips or pelvis. Murphy explains that African-American men are more likely to get prostate cancer than other men, and they are twice as likely to die from it than others.  

“We recommend really testing at age 40 in African-American males, to look at their PSAs look at their prostate examinations, because as I said, if we detect it early, it is a much more curable stage,” said Murphy. 

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