GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Residents in Pitt County were recently given the opportunity to learn about diabetes.

The Greenville Aquatics and Fitness Center held a class on diabetes that is part of its Health Learning Series. The purpose of the class was to raise awareness and teach people about diabetes and things like what not to eat, medication management and healthy coping.

“In Eastern North Carolina, Pitt and the surrounding counties, it’s about 13 percent, prevalence rate,” said Angie Watson, the Diabetes Program Coordinator at the Pitt County Health Department. “So, it is a higher rate here, and it’s something we need to be aware of and need to be talking about and not just pushing it under the rug.”

The health series features one class a month on different illnesses and health-related issues. The next class, slated for June, will focus on home health care.