GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Some people think changes in temperature have a lot to do with getting sick with the flu or the common cold. One ECU Health Medical Official tells WNCT that isn’t the case.

“During the Christmas season, certainly often as you know when it’s really really cold and it was brutally cold over Christmas, not many of us went outside, so we were all packed together in the house, and that’s just a ripe environment to spread the cold viruses and influenza,” says Dr. Mott Blair, family medicine physician at ECU Health in Greenville.

“It’s just that certain illnesses peak during the wintertime months. so you think about the traditional cold viruses and influenza we typically see this time of year. A lot of people tend to associate that with the weather, but it really has to do with the time of year,” says Blair.

Blair also said vaccinations help combat these viruses but you should also make sure you’re getting plenty of rest.