GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The holiday season is in full swing and many Americans will turn to self-care activities like exercise, music and yoga to battle the holiday burnout that 52% of people begin to feel during the holiday season.

Journaling is the preference for most people seeking self-care in North Carolina, which is consistent with the overall preferences of several other states, 35 of 50 to be exact.

On average, Americans dedicate six hours each week to self-care, but during the holiday season 50% of people find it difficult to make self-care a priority during the holidays. Primary Therapist Katie Patel with suggests that self-awareness is a resource that most people have access to, and it doesn’t cost a dime.

“Mindfulness is one quick way to give your mind and body a break during the whirlwind of the holidays and it doesn’t have to add extra time in your day. Engaging in mindfulness as self-care is an easy and free way to increase your peace and decrease your stress,” she said.

Only 31% of Americans treat themselves to more self-care during the holiday months, though 6 in 10 Americans feel that they not only have the time but the funds as well, to support their self-care activities. The average American spends $90 each month on activities that make them feel less stressed.

This information is a compilation of keyword search data and a survey of 801 Americans conducted by Within Health.