GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – With this being Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, local doctors are also advocating for cancer screenings, especially after the coronavirus pandemic.

Screenings for most cancers typically happen during regular primary care appointments. Since the pandemic, not as many people were able to make it to those yearly appointments which mean not as many people got the recommended screenings.

Doctors say it’s even more critical now to catch up on those.

Event in New Bern raises awareness about prostate cancer

“Specifically with prostate cancer, screening is important because the earlier you detect it, the better chance of curing it. The current recommendations are to start prostate cancer screenings at age 50 and continue until age 70,” said Dr. Robert Whitmore, a urologist with CarolinaEast Medical Center.

CarolinaEast offers screenings for several other types of cancers as well. Doctors say the best place to register for screening is with your primary care doctor.