GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — A new bill has recently been introduced to the NC House and it could mean more patient privacy.

House Bill 754 would require consent to monetize protected health information. It is a bipartisan bill introduced by Democrat Rep. Gloristine Brown and Republican Rep. Donny Lambeth.

The bill was introduced after Meta, Facebook’s parent company, received private personal information on several patients within different NC hospital systems. HB-754 would make it so the patient would have to explicitly state if they are okay with sharing or selling their health data with outside sources.

Representative Brown said that keeping a patient’s information private is of the utmost importance.

“No one needs to know what is going on with your business unless you give them permission to know if it’s not being used for health uses,” said Brown.

The bill has currently entered committee discussion. Brown said they are hoping it makes it to the N.C. House floor.