GARNER, N.C. (WNCN) – Parents looking for medicine for their sick children are still finding empty shelves in some stores, and the issue has been going on for weeks.

“We are still having a lot of difficulty with finding Tylenol products, they are on long-term backorder,” Melissa Illig said, the owner of White Oak Pharmacy in Garner.

Illig said it’s even worse for parents of infants.

“All infant Tylenol products under six months, there is no Tylenol available for them at all,” she said.

With sick infants, Illig said swapping out medicines or doses isn’t simple.

“With Ibuprofen, we do have a dosing chart available and we can look at weight and age, and we can dose Ibuprofen for children six months and older, but nothing for the zero to six-month range,” Illig said.

CBS 17 went to different CVS’, Walgreens and Walmart locations in the Raleigh area to look.

While some stores did have a very small supply of children’s Tylenol, we found several empty shelves.

Illig said we may not see relief as soon as some parents would like to.

“Everything is still 30-days or more, and it’s still kind of up in the air,” Illig said.

In the meantime, she said parents’ best bet would be to find an independent pharmacy, as they have more resources than big-box chains such as CVS or Walgreens.

“We have a lot of wholesalers available to us, so we are able to order from a lot of different places, which gives our supply a bigger variety and that includes over-the-counter and prescription medications,” Illig said.